Changing my T(n^2) to T(n): My 2022 Wrap-up

Changing my T(n^2) to T(n): My 2022 Wrap-up

Coming out of loopholes to changing myself to become a great learner and a better developer

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson


He everyone🙋‍♂️ myself Manish Saha. I am a 2nd Year student pursuing my BTech in Information Technology. I am a:

  • Open-source enthusiast

  • Keen learner

  • Tech enthusiast💻

  • A friendly guy

My 2022 beginning

Imposter syndrome was what I was suffering from at the beginning of 2022. Hopeless, broken, and getting stuck into the tutorial hell, between all these days I realized that I needed to work more but in a structured and better way.
At the beginning of the year, I was learning about :

  1. Cloud Technology

  2. DSA with Java

  3. Open Source

For learning all I was doing was giving my all into doing qwiklabs, and I started doing that mainly because of the rewards. In the beginning, topics were a lot overwhelming to me but as time passed I continued doing labs and things made a lot of sense later on.

But the biggest issue I faced was the feeling of being left out. When I saw my friends doing great work in communities, growing so much, and learning new tech stacks I was jumping from one to the other without completing one particular topic, which was a huge mistake. But not too late I realized my problem and continued on finishing a particular topic and then moving to the other.

Correcting myself

Consistency > Intensity.

While learning to develop websites, and learning DSA, I took a lot of breaks when eventually broke my consistency. Even though at the beginning I had a lot of intensity to learn a particular topic, later on, I suffered from major burnout which lead to leaving out the topic and thus resulting in starting again from the bottom.

Later I realized this and started to keep solving questions in LeetCode daily and

Everything Open-sourced

11 together is always better than 1.

Not joining the open-source communities is one of my biggest mistakes which I soon realized and now I try to involve myself in communities and try to learn in public. Having made friends who are there to support me and help me in my development journey feels really great and before the Hacktober-fest 2022, I also started contributing to open-source projects which helped a lot in improving my tech stack.


Yeh I haven't reached so far, but I definitely came somewhere

By 2022's end, the main thing that I realized is that: "Better late than never".
When I look back at my version of the year beginning, I can spot that I have improved a lot. I can now:

  • Debug code better.

  • Spend more time reading documentation.

  • Solve algorithmic problems more quickly and efficiently all thanks to Kunal Kushwaha for his great Java DSA boot camp.

  • Understand huge code bases (even though at first they always seem overwhelming 🥲).

  • Communicate with people in a better way.

  • Say "no" to people.

A small piece of motivation

Yeh I might still be learning, but now I am learning in a structured way, and trust me when I say this:

Things might not make sense at the beginning but sooner or later all proper pieces will come together.

Thanks, Kunal Kushwaha for providing such great content on YT for free.

Thank You, for reading this far, this was my first blog and I will continue to write more.

Keep Learning Guys.

Life is not finished yet, let's try to make every year a better than the previous.